Introducing ourselves

Saling 2012 is the corporate vehicle Richard Gleed and Dr Andrea Winkelmann-Gleed use for their social entrepreneurship, business consultancy and research activities. As well as fee-earning work, our interests in social entrepreneurship have led us to mentor and coach individuals involved in ‘Not Just for Profit’ business start-ups in emerging economies and developing countries.

Our current work builds on our different backgrounds. Richard is an economist, management consultant, business coach and social entrepreneur. He uses his experience in management consultancy (now with Cambridge Economic Policy Associates and before that with IBM and PwC) to coach and advise small businesses and startups both in the UK and overseas. The majority of his social entrepreneur clients can be classified as “not just for profit” in that they have social and community goals and objectives in addition to income-generation ones.  See his blog for current interests –

Dr Andrea Winkelmann-Gleed is a Senior Social Science Researcher, Consultant, Lecturer & Mentor. She has a portfolio of cross-cultural work focusing on employment, social inclusion, migration, public health and demographic change – – for more details see:  Andrea’s website

If you want to contact us, please post a reply  and follow this site 😎

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